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Our work

An ostentatious display

Exotic Graphix

Exotic Graphix is a locally owned and operated workshop for custom car wrapping solutions. They have a strong following in the auto scene and were looking for an online presence that matched their reputation.

We teamed up with them to conceptualise and design an online identity. We also executed a social media advertising campaign that tripled their amount of fans.

  • Marketing website
  • Wordpress integration
  • Facebook advertising campaign
Exotic 1 Exotic 2 Exotic 3 Exotic 4


We steered the rebrand of what was formerly a dating site concept into an activity-focused web application. Funways connects like-minded people and helps them to meet up.

Our effort in Funways has spanned almost all stages of the product lifecycle and we look forward to continued involvement.

  • Rebrand
  • Marketing website
  • Frontend development
Funways 1 Funways 2 Funways 3


Frankie is a browser-based solution for watching videos in sync with anyone on the internet. Powered by the technology behind cineSync, Frankie empowers its users to collaborate remotely.

We helped the very talented team of engineers at Cospective build a web interface that is intuitive, and one that visually we're most proud of.

  • Interface design
  • Frontend Development
  • UX Consultation
Frankie 1 Frankie 2


cineSync is an application that allows it's users to draw elements in the frame, sketch new ideas and write text notes, all synchronised in real time with everyone else in the review.

cineSync has a very impressive list of users, production companies and visual effects studios. We felt they needed a marketing page of similar ilk.

  • Marketing site
cineSync 1 cineSync 2 cineSync 3

Murmur is an online staff engagement tool. It has stunning realtime analytics and a rapidly growing user base. The guys at Cultureamp approached us to design and build a marketing site that would put them on the map.

We worked closely with them to find a unique and visually appealing way of explaining the pain points that Murmur addresses.

  • Marketing site
  • Branding
murmur 1 murmur 2 murmur 3 murmur 4

Andy Sugg

Andy Sugg is a leading Australian saxophonist and band leader based in Melbourne. He wanted a simple solution for his followers to keep up with his eclectic touring schedule and music releases. We built for him a Wordpress powered brochure site that allows it's users to navigate his music and upcoming gigs.

  • Wordpress site
  • Branding
  • iTunes store integration
andy sugg 1 andy sugg 2 andy sugg 3


Cubio is a Melbourne startup focused on building online contests in under 60 seconds. It is part of the the first round of startups to be chosen by the Angelcube accelerator program.

Cubio gave us a license for full creative reign over user experience. We delivered a polished user interface and several templates for the contests.

  • Interface design
  • UX consultation
cubio 1 cubio 2 cubio 3 cubio 4


Goodfilms is an online film review, rating, and recommendation site designed to take advantage of your existing social networks.

This was the project that pushed us the most technically, and in turn became the most rewarding. With an already large user-base, designing an elegant and intuitive interface was challenging but possible due to the talent we had teamed up with.

  • Interface design
  • Frontend development
  • UX Consultation
goodfilms 1 goodfilms 2 goodfilms 3

Agenda Media

Blake Hutchison started the email subscription The Agenda Daily in March 2010. With daily access to recommendations and promotions using magazine quality editorial and design, Blake was looking to expand his online presence. Since working with Peacock, The Agenda Daily has launched sites based in Sydney and Perth. Collaborating with Blake, we were able to capitalise on his innate talent for lifestyle media and deliver several web projects for Agenda.

  • Mailchimp template
  • Wordpress integration
  • Sales widget
Agenda 2 Agenda 1 Agenda 3 Agenda 4