We're not a big faceless corporation. Get to know us on a personal level.

A two–man band

We’re not a big faceless corporation

Christian Varga and Daniel Wearne

Daniel Wearne

Creative Director

Daniel has been addicted to the Internet since his dad brought home a state of the art 28.8 kbps modem, which beatboxed when connecting.

He specialises in Front-end development and user experience. Daniel will do anything to achieve results, except cheat in Words with Friends.

Christian Varga

Lead Developer

Some might call Christian a perfectionist. He refers to his OCD as a blessing and a curse.

When not coding, he’s trying to cut down his personal best Rubik's cube solve time. And at his current rate, in a month he will have it solved in 4 to 6 seconds
—which will tie him with Chuck Norris.